Library of Things

The Woodbridge Library of Things was created to extend the library’s mission of education and personal growth. Our guiding principles for adding items to the collective are to acquire things that educate and satisfy the user’s curiosity, and to save patrons the expense of buying things that might only get limited use.

Woodbridge Town Library Things are only available for pickup at the Woodbridge Town Library.
Please call the information desk at (203) 389-3434 to check on an item’s availability.


HotSpots (3)
Includes 1 hotspot + battery pack + USB charger + get started guide

T10 is a powerful 4G LTE solution for home, small business, and more. Cellular connectivity means no-hassle Wi-Fi wherever there’s coverage and allows “on-the-go” convenience wherever customers live, work, or travel. A great solution for portable, broadband internet service

Includes Zhumell 114mm reflector telescope + 6mm eyepiece + 9mm eyepiece + 10mm eyepiece + 17mm eyepiece + 20mm eyepiece + Barlow lens + Philips screwdriver + zipper carrying case + instructions pamphlet

Our Zhummell 114mm refracting telescope, star of the library’s beloved Skywatch program, is now available to borrow. This is an easy-to-use, beginner’s telescope is able to see clouds on Jupiter and the rings of Saturn. Great for someone testing the waters of amateur astronomy. Throw a “star party” for kids and neighbors. Pairs well with the binoculars.

Sewing Machine
Includes 1 sewing machine + manual + quick reference guide + cable + pedal + DVD

Today’s easy-to-use sewing machines allow one to develop a new skill or explore hobbies without a lot of fuss. Great for upholstery, quilters, creators, or catching up on mending. Pairs well with our sewing, upholstery and quilting books.

Diagnostic Car Code Reader
Includes Model AD310 OBD2&EOBD Code Reader + Manual

This device quickly attaches to your car to diagnose and clear check engine light notifications. Astound your mechanic (and keep them honest) by showing up with the exact information why your check engine light has activated- and save money on labor.

Garmin GPS etrex 10
Includes 1 GPS + manual + spare AA batteries

Woodbridge is a hiker’s town with a multitude of historic trails. Use the Garmin GPS in town- or anywhere in the world, for that matter- to find your way to and from a particular waypoint on a device that never loses its service connection. No matter what the extent of your aimless and convoluted wandering, you will never get lost. Unless the batteries run out. 2 spare AA batteries included.

Athlon 8X42 Binoculars
Includes Athlon 8X42 binoculars + soft carry case + instructions + cloth wipe

Sturdy & sharp. Pairs excellently with both the telescope and the GPS. Stargazing, birdwatching, hiking, sports events, etc.

Digital Handheld Microscope
Includes handheld microscope + USB connector + stand + instructions

Attaches easily to a phone to provide images from 50-1600x magnification. Great for detailed hobby/craft work or take it on a hike and get extra up-close to nature. Pictures will save to your phone.

GoPro camera
Includes GoPro Hero 11 + USB cable + camera mount + screw + 256 GB micro SD card + SD Card Reader + case + info packet

Rugged little go-anywhere camera. Film your next bike trip, strap it on your dog, time lapse your backyard or the sky, endless possibilities. Micro SD card & reader included (don’t forget to erase your images!).

Bluray, DVD, & CD Player
Includes player + HDMI cable + AC adapter + remote + manual

Woodbridge Town Library has an exceptional DVD collection of first-run, classic, and foreign movies. Now you may take advantage of this resource even if you do not personally own a DVD player. Our movie collection is both up-to-date and extensive enough that the movie you are looking for is most likely available.

Portable Scanner
Includes DSMobile DS-640 Portable Scanner + micro USB 3.0 cable + manual

Manage your paperwork by digitizing it. Easy to use, one-button operation. Scans 16 pages per minute, black & white or color. Scan IDs, receipts up to 72”, legal and letter size documents.

Microscope with Slides
Includes AMSCOPE Microscope + instructions + USB eyepiece/desktop connector + 100 prepared slides in wooden box

Magnifies up to 2500x and can be attached to a PC to share and capture images. Make your own slides or use the prepared slides. Set includes Fern leaf, butterfly antennae, dandelion fuzz, mouse ovary, etc.

Magnifying Reader
Includes 7″ x 10″ Full-View Lens with Legs 

Page magnifier to ease eye strain and
read small texts.

CD Player with AM/FM Radio

Includes Jensen CD Player with AM/FM Stereo Radio + adapter plug

Take advantage of Woodbridge Town Library’s  music CDs and audiobooks with this CD Player.

Portable Record Player
Includes Retrolife Record Player + adapter + manual 

Dust off your vinyl and show the kids how it was done. This little turntable makes up in ease-of-use and portability for what it lacks in great sound. Can be used with auxiliary speakers. Bluetooth friendly so you can play music from your smart device if you run out of records.

Metal Detector
Includes  metal detector + headphones + carrying case + instructions

Satisfy your inner detectorist with our easy-to-use metal detector. The imagination reels at the treasures our clumsy ancestors may have dropped around town. Did someone say hand-forged antique square cut nails? I’m in!

8 mm Film-to-Digital Converter
Includes Film2Digital MovieMaker + USB Cable + TV-Out cable + DC12V power adapter + 8mm hole reel + 2 reel adapters + blower brush + 32 GB SD Card + manual 


Convert 8mm and Super 8 Movie up to 5″ reels to digital. No Computer or Software Required.

Slide/Negative-to-digital Converter
Includes F2D Titan converter + 135 mm negative adapter + 135 mm slide adapter + 110/APS negative inster + 110 slide insert + 8 film/Super8 insert + USB power adapter + USB cable + cleaning brush+ manual

Convert 35mm, 127, 126, 110, APS, 8mm, Super 8mm and 35mm Archive film into digital in SECONDS. No Computer or Software Required.

Electric Knife Sharpener
Includes Chef’s Choice Model 15XV Knife Sharpener + Manual


Convert traditional 20-degree factory edges of European and American household knives into high-performance Trizor 15-degree edges with this professional electric knife sharpener. It quickly sharpens all brands and types of knives, including straightedge and serrated and contemporary double-bevel or single-bevel traditional Asian-style knives.

Civics & Citizenship Toolkit

Includes 1 pack of flashcards + 7 guidebooks

The Civics and Citizenship Toolkit is a collection of educational resources developed by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to help permanent residents learn more about the United States and prepare for the naturalization process. Includes English and Spanish language materials.