Rainstick Craft

What is a Rainstick?
A Rainstick is used to create the sound effects of rain when slowly and gently tipped upside down, or the sound of a maraca when shaken. They are generally made from a hallowed out piece of cactus, and filled with pebbles, dried beans, sand, or seeds. Many people believe that Rainsticks originated with the indigenous people from northern Chile known as the Diaguita.

Make a Rainstick!
Paper towel tube
Clear tape and duct tape
Construction paper 
Glue stick
Yarn scraps
Dry pasta/beans/lentils/rice (your choice, approximately 1/2 cup per Rainstick)

Use construction paper and/or duct tape to embellish your tube. You can cut strips or shapes and glue around the tube with a glue stick. You can also use markers or crayons to draw your own designs on the paper, or glue directly onto the tube if you like.

Once you’re finished decorating, use the template to cut the circles out for the ends of the Rainstick. You can also trace the ends onto any color paper and make them without the template.

Use clear tape to attach one circle to one end, then use duct tape over the clear tape to form a tight seal. Then put the dry pasta/beans/lentils/rice in the tube. Seal the other end with the other circle.

Cut some pieces of yarn about 10″ and tie them around the top of the Rainstick. You can glue some feathers on, or draw feathers on paper if you don’t have any, and glue them near the yarn at the top.

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