Story & Craft: Where the Wild Things Are

Where The Wild Things Are 
By Maurice Sendak

Enjoy this classic children’s book together, and take the time to truly appreciate the wonderful and amazing art created by Sendak. After the story and questions, make your VERY OWN Wild Thing!If you don’t have the book at home, you can read or listen to the book from OverDrive or hoopla!

Some questions to ask after reading the story:

1. Why do you think Max was sent to bed without his supper? What is supper?
2. How long did it take Max to get to the land of Where The Wild Things Are?
3. Was Max scared of the Wild Things?
4.How do you think Max became friends with them?
5. What do you think a Rumpus is?
6. Why do you think Max sent the Wild Things to bed without any supper?
7. When Max sailed back to his room, why was his supper still hot?

Make Your Own Wild Thing
Recycled cardboard from a cereal, pasta, or similar box
Black marker
Construction Paper
Glue stick or white glue
Yarn, felt, or paper scraps
Template of wild thing, printed from computer, or hand drawn

Cut out face of wild thing using template, or draw one yourself.
Draw and cut out from construction paper: eyes, nose, teeth, and horns.
Use marker to draw a mouth and add facial details.
Glue pieces onto face.
If you have yarn scraps, glue around face, if not, just use paper scraps to create fur.
You can add a popsicle stick or chopstick to the back to make your Wild Thing a puppet.