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Reading Together

Read a book. Ask a question. Start a conversation and share the joy of reading with a child!

Judy Rabin presented “Talk to Me,” a reading together program at the 2015 Connecticut Library Association Conference held in Mystic, CT.

Below find resources for starting your own Reading Together program:

Reading Together Story Guide Template:
 Click here for a story guide template.

Check out this list of great titles: Great Books To Read Together.

Reading Together was created by Diane Frankenstein.
Please see her website here:

Testimonials from parents:

“For my son and me it was exciting to have the opportunity for him to read to and with a teenager. He has really started to love to read so for us this was another way for him to experience that joy. We are trying lots of things like book clubs, him reading to his sister etc. Both times we participated in “Reading Together” the teenager complimented him on his reading ability and he said that made him “feel good”. They also helped him when he got stuck on a word or needed help. He enjoyed getting to know and spending time with both the teenage girl and boy and he enjoyed talking about the story with them as well. When he missed 2 of the sessions while on vacation he felt disappointed to be missing out on the program. For a sports centric boy that says a lot!” 

“The one-on-one attention that each child receives partnering directly with a teen is phenomenal.  Each child felt special being paired with a teen and having all of the teen’s attention for the story hour. My kids discussed the stories they had read after participating and they seemed much more engaged and enlivened by the experience than just having me the parent read them a book.

I am using the “conversation starters” tips at home and trying to make the reading and stories more of an active conversation.”

Testimonials from teens:

“Reading with someone new and with someone that isn’t already known for making rules makes the children feel like they are reading by choice and not because someone told them to.

I hope that you will be able to start the program up again in the summer!”

“It was my pleasure to come help out. Reading Together helped me remember the questions I should be asking myself while reading, as well as reminding me how much I love reading! Reading Together has knit together a closer community and allowed me to meet neighbors I never knew before.”